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Two Life Hacks That Could Help to Protect Your Positive Energy at Work

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Whether in the office or W-F-H, we all know how work can be a whirlwind of stress and demands that often get in the way of us engaging in activities that actually help to improve our wellbeing.

There is only one destination this leads to - next stop burnout!

But, it doesn’t have to end in the dreaded B word.

How do we actively take control of how we respond to the never-ending email chains and meetings, that really could have just been an email exchange? (Although this would add to the never-ending chain of emails), you can see how the cycle gets vicious!

But seriously, the superpower to protect your energy and maintain your sanity is probably not what you would expect - it’s all about staying present.

Sounds counterintuitive - but stay with me for a second.

Picture this: you're knee-deep in a challenging situation at work. Your energy is draining faster than your phone battery. What can you do? Staying present is your secret weapon. It's not about zoning out; it's about tuning in to the now. When you listen without judgment and keep your focus on the present moment, you become more astute in handling stress. Believe it or not, dwelling too much on the past or worrying about the future when stress hits can invite those unwelcome guests – depression and anxiety.

Science has our back on this. A study points out that being in the moment can help kick worries, rumination, and mood issues to the curb. When we're in autopilot mode, negative thinking patterns can set up camp and wreak havoc. But when we become besties with our feelings, body sensations, and thoughts in the present, we dodge those automatic traps that make our mood nosedive.

Before I continue:

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Being present isn't just a feel-good vibe; it's a lifeline for your well-being. A study from 2016 discovered that being present can turbocharge your responses to daily stress and upcoming challenges. It's like having your own anti-stress armour.

You're nodding your head as you read this because you've been there – that intense interaction with a colleague or client that's basically hijacking your emotions. You want to be the supportive superhero that’s going to save the day but not at the cost of your inner peace. I feel you. If you're a natural empath, it's all too easy to get lost in someone else's feelings. And here comes the sticky part – ruminating. You know that voice that replays every word, every expression? Yeah, that's rumination. It's like a broken record of distress.

Here's the kicker – rumination isn't your problem-solver buddy. It's more like that friend who's always talking but never really doing anything. It locks you into the issue, tangoing with your feelings without any real resolution. And if you're double trouble, you might even engage in co-rumination – chatting up a storm about your worries without finding a way out.

Ruminating isn't just a mind game. It's got a backstage pass to mess with your physical health too. A 2012 review spilled the beans on the connection between ruminating and your physical well-being. Think intensified perceptions of somatic symptoms and a front-row seat to genuine biological stress. Suddenly, hitting the gym after work feels like climbing Everest with a backpack full of rocks.

But here's the second life hack: Mindful walking. Sounds woo-woo, I know. But mindful walking isn't just about putting one foot in front of the other. It's like taking your mind out for a walk too. Cool, right? It's not just a walk in the park (well, technically, it could be).

However you're not just walking; you're breathing, feeling, and being. It's the ultimate chill pill. And guess what? You can do it anywhere – a serene nature spot or a concrete jungle. Mindful walking is about soaking in the sensations around you, from the feel of the ground beneath your feet to the rustling leaves above.

Just follow the rhythm: before you walk, find your spot and gear up. Then, as you take your first steps, inhale the present moment.

Walk slower than your usual hurry, and let your senses take the lead – the sights, the sounds, even the smells.

Breathe deep, feel the breeze, and let your mind wander – but only within the bounds of this very moment.

As you reach the end of your mindful journey, stand still for a moment. Take a deep breath, a mental snapshot of this tranquility, before heading back to reality.

Staying present and mindful walking – your dynamic duo for preserving your energy and leaving stress at the door. Now, I get it, mindfulness might not be everyone's cup of tea. But hey, give it a whirl. Worst-case scenario? You'll rack up some steps, and your energy will thank you for it. So why not give it a shot? Your future self might just high-five you for it.

For more hacks on how you can prioritise your self-care, download the free

‘Thriving As A Leader - Holistic Self-Care Toolkit’:


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